Pretty number-heavy there, here's the scoop:


No interior shots, but the headrests look like they're in good condition, at least what you can see thru the windows. Also, no cancer around the edges of the chrome strips.

When I lived in SoCal, we had a neighbor named Shelly who was a drug dealer/user, and she drove a red 2002ti. This was my first intro to the neue klasse BMWs, and I've kinda had a fondness for them ever since. Shelly absolutely loved hers, and it ran like a champ, despite her heroin-addled ways. Once we saw two "friends" of hers leaving her apartment with a shotgun, we were looking forward to her moving out, but I sorely missed seeing that little red 2002ti parked out front.


I'd snap this one up in a heartbeat if the IRS weren't taking their pound of flesh from me...

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