Well, this is an...interesting build. Apparently it’ll do “speed 65.”

Illustration for article titled Found on Craigslist: 10 horce power all gas no clutch

As the ad says:

2019 mongoos bike 10 horce power.all gas and strate throttle no clutch.this bike is custom made and it also pop wheelis .its very fun on street and dirt.it have a alarm also.


I’m very curious how that alarm works. I’m very curious about a lot of things, like what this guy was drinking when he decided to build this thing, and what he was drinking when he did a “wheeli” on it, and what he was drinking when he wrote the post. My guesses are, respectively: Keystone Light, Mad Dog 20/20, and Listerine, but I’d be interested to hear yours.

ETA: It seems like it might be relevant, in case you don’t click through to the ad: he’s asking $1300 for this deathtrap.


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