Come on, scammers. I mean, if you’re going to list something that isn’t yours, at least try *a little.* You don’t need to be a boating enthusiast to see some flaws in the listing here. Unfortunately for this individual, the boat in the picture (and the title) IS kind of an enthusiast boat. Most people looking for a nice little fishing boat or family cruiser are not buying a hardcore ski boat like this. However, I follow “1998 Nautique” with an IFTTT; I am actually looking for a boat like this, and today I got this notification:

Right, let’s start with the part where there are two listings for the same boat, one picture only, and ALL of the details are wrong. Pretty standard. But oh, the details. I know they copied and pasted from a different boat, but I got a good laugh anyway.

150hp Motor with Tilt & Trim, Motor guide 24v trolling motor, 3 new Batteries, hummingbird depth and fish finder, 2 live wells, auto charging system, Tandem trailer w/ spare, many extras.Last price is $2500.

150hp? No. Tit & Trim? No. Trolling motor? No. 3 batteries? No. Fish Finder? Live wells? No. Tandem trailer? Hey it’s DOES have a trailer! Wait, single axle. No. I also don’t see a spare.

19ft aluminum boat and trailer in good condition with a air cool 5 horse motor. Trolling motor battery Life vest anchor and all accessories with it.I need money urgently , for who is really interested last price is $ 2,500 . Pray and offer seriously.


Aluminum? No. Air cool [sic] 5 horse? I don’t even think you can get an air-cooled outboard over 3hp. Double No. Trolling motor, again, No.

P.S. This boat is, in reality, powered by a 310hp EFI Ford 351.

My favorite line: Pray and offer seriously. Hmmmm not when you start at 1/4 the market value of this boat and undercut yourself by 30% before the end of the listing. Even if you got the rest of the details right, nope.


This would be the automotive equivalent of posting “2005 Ford F350 King Ranch Diesel Quad Cab Dually” with an appropriate picture, then describing a base model Honda Civic with a list price of $1000. Last price is $500. Pray and offer seriously.


This message has been brought to you by a 2-hour school delay on a Monday morning which facilitated a diner breakfast that will hold me over until dinner.