Found On Craigslist: SAAB 9-5 Wagon Project Car

Good morning Oppostles, I have found a sweet project car idea on craigslist.

Found here, is a 200 Saab 9-5 Wagon in a beautiful dark green. With only 90,000 miles the engine will have plenty of life left in it. It has sumptuous tan leather seats that look luxurious and supportive. There is a minor issue of replacing a head gasket but that should not be that big of an issue to do after a bit of online research. It has an automatic but while doing the work on the head gasket it should be easy to locally source a manual transmission and swap it in. For $500, is there a better option for a classic Saab Wagon? I can't think of one. Sound off in Kinja below for ideas on how we could make this Wagon a great Jalop project.


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