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You can’t make this stuff up.


Link appears Kinja’d, so here’s the text of the ad:

Hey, im a piece of shit and this is my real life shitmobile. This is not a joke, im trying to sell this because i havent had a license for almost a year and ive still been driving it around or letting other people drive while im gone and its been acrewing tickets. i need to sell this to pay tickets to get my license back.

it runs and drives, ive always givin it regular oil changes and taken good care of it whenever i had money and was around. its a great car thats going to take a lot of work to be inspectable. it does qualify for antique plates though.

the good thing about the car is the engine, its a beast. really the most reliable car ive ever had. the frame is also solid and pretty rust free.

the bad, and theres a good amount. the two main problems are the massive hole behind the passenger seat, and the fact the muffler fell off and theres just a straight pipe.
Other problems include, 1 patched tire, 1 working window, slow coolant leak, none fuctioning windshield wipers (ive been using shoelaces tied to the wipers) , cloth ceiling falling down, emergency brake line broken, and your regular old dents and surface rust.

i really love this car and wish i had enough money to fix it up, or turn it into a demolition derby car, or maybe weld it up into some sort sweet mad max looking drivable art piece. But im broke and the state is keeping me that way.

text or call with your offers i am open to trades as well. wouldnt mind having a dirtbike, or a bunch of green. i know its trimm season.


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