Found on Craigslist: Velour Racecar

Doing some lunchtime Craigslist surfing for old BMWs, as one does. I’m not looking for an E36 M3, but couldn’t resist looking at this one that screams PRETEND RACECAR.

Some idiot has riced it out tastelessly, but not incompetently. Big dumb wing, “illest” jewelry hanging from the mirror, the whole works. I don’t get it, but it’s clear that this is somebody’s dream car. And on the outside at least, none of it is irreversible, and it certainly seems to have been done with love, so presumably it’s been reasonably well taken care of.


And then you get to the interior, and the WTF really hits.

Quilted red velour interior! Even a little cushion on the steering wheel! If the 2017 E-class interior aesthetic is Berlin Discotheque, let’s call this aesthetic “love hotel in Reno.”

Read it and weep.

Why would you do this?

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