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Found on Ebay: idiots edition

This is a good one!

It's a "Universal Turbo Supercharger / Air Intake Fuel Saver Turbonator Fan"

Yes that's right boys and gals, a TURBONATOR FAN!!!

From the description:

"This Double Propellers Fuel Saver Turbonator Fan provides a more dynamic control over the intake system by forcing powerful airflow into the combustion chamber at a high speed.


Once the engine is started, the propellers spin to create a maximum turbulence in the incoming airstream to allow enhanced fuel atomization in the combustion chamber, resulting in significant increase in horsepower and better gas / fuel millage.

With simple installation steps, you can enjoy going faster and furtherer whilst saving gasoline all at the same time!"


You know, I'd really like to "enjoy going faster and furtherer" I think Mister Carnot would have something to say about the effectiveness of all this, and while we're at it, the second law of thermodynamics called, they want their "furtherer" efficiencies and "millage" back!

I would really like to see what happens when this poorly cast aluminium turbonator grenades itself, I'm sure we all love chunks of crappy chinese aluminium in our engines!


There have already been 128 sold, maybe if you combine it with one of these you'll get EVEN MOAR POWERS!

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