car meets be like, “This is my 2015 subaru/scion. I fucked up the fenders the day i bought it trying to fit some sweet replica wheels. Its other mods include stickers and a radar detector. i eventually plan on getting a chassis mounted gt wing and making an instagram video showing how the trunk still opens. i daily drive this car to my desk job and my girlfriends house. *hits vape*, so are you voting for hilary or trump?”

seriously what the fuck is it with 90% of meets nowadays having almost nothing to do with the cars? half these people dont even change their own oil. no one can hold a conversation about what THEY have done to their OWN car. like why are you even here? your only priority seems to be “hellaflush” and you will do anything it takes in the quickest way possible to achieve it. everything nowadays is inspired and not INSPIRING. i remember back in the day watching numerous drift cars pull up to a meet and you could see rubber stuck to the body or the rear wheels would be dirty as hell from dust/smoke. cars that were diven hard and built for a reason showed rock chips and imperfections everywhere, but to someone like me who takes pride in having a reason to do something, we love those imperfections. this shit just doesnt happen anymore. its all about vinyl wrapping and ruining brand new cars.

stop making incredibly wack team names in the same cursive risky devil style font like people give a fuck. “slammed squad, lowered status, camber this, street that” god damn you have no originality or meaning for yourselves, and dont think putting that shit sideways on your windshield changes a thing. No one looks at your honda civic 4 door with a factory equipped performance exhaust, sunk plasti dipped wheels, megan ez streets and a towhook and goes “woah, this fuckboy anonymous team is the real deal, maybe i should look them up online and see if they have any cool videos or something”. if anyone gave you the light of day to try and care or ask about your car, your only answer would be “i saw it on instagram and bought it on ebay”. No one looks in your car and sees a grip royal steering wheel and is impressed. And if you want to say you do this for your own pride, then why are you lying to yourself? We all know you look inside the car built better than yours and go “damn i want that nardi”.

brings me to my next point. dudes flaunting shitty painted cheap steering wheels with neochrome quick releases in their windshields after they park. why do you have a quick release steering wheel when:
1. your seat is stock and gives plenty of room
2. your steering column is adjustable
3. you arent a large person
4. your car came with a 21st century airbag system

why is there an ebay tow hook on a car that has access to the factory one, and you only drive the car to work or school?

why do you have a crown royal shift boot and dont even drink the shit?

WHY DO YOU PEOPLE DO THIS??? you have severely diluted the FUCK out of the car culture with all your fake or played out bullshit. you would be doing the world a favor by returning your car to stock and taking up a new hobby and leaving this one to people who actually give a damn. 10/10 would rather have a total of 14 cars at a meet that are built for a personal goal than seeing 250 cars all with the same 3 types of replica wheels, rocket bunny, and any other trendy bullshit that are build for instagram likes.

i understand some people arent loaded. some people do have priorities. but that shouldnt stop you from being patient. just because you have $50 doesnt mean spend it on some weak shit. save another $100 and get what you actually want, and what people actually want to see. NO ONE wants to look at grip royal, nrg, xxr, rota, varrstoen, i dont give a fuck who you are. anyone that has those parts wishes they had the REAL shit they are replicating. You buying cheap ass parts just to fit in is what gives you the shitty attitude towards your car, your friends, and anything in general. when you spend a lot of time, effort and money on something you begin to respect it and in turn, respect other peoples similarities. you will find yourself falling under the category of quality over quanitity and being OKAY WITH IT. a lot of you people need to just realize you cant always have what other people have. you should use that as motivation instead of having a mental breakdown and being satisfied with what is easily available to you. I personally am guilty of being young and dumb and getting cheap parts. i regret getting ALL of them because it was a waste of money and a step backwards to getting what i really wanted. you also cant sell knockoff parts for even half of their original value these days because all the people this post is about, are the lowballing fools that just wanna fit in as quick as they possibly can so they can take a photo and hashtag “supra rx7 240sx” on their knockoff sponsored frs or genesis.

I have never loved and hated something this much in my life, and i am thoroughly fed up with the mockery people make of something i take massive pride in. if this post offends you then fuck off or unfriend me. i really dont care anymore. Im at that point where I want to live under a rock and just do me cuz most of y’all seriously suck. wake up and take pride in what you spend your life on.