The good:

It's a fucking turbo volvo for a start

Custom 3 inch dump then turbo-back into twin 3in blast pipes by Havoc Fabrocation


Upgraded diff 5 speed manual swap

Leather interior w/heated seats

Wastegate actuator set to 13psi

VDO boost gauge

Huge Volvo front-mount

Lowered Koni Red shocks and springs

Tinted windows

Half a car worth of spares, entire front end I had ready for replacements if needed after track work

Spare drivers seat

Spare later-model engine with thicker (13mm) rods and later-model manifolds

No rust anywhere

Stripped roof lining looks great but might not be everyone's flavour

Great carpets, front seats aren't the best but they've seen a bit of use

Added rear swaybar

Superpro bushes in rear section and swingarms

5 puck ceramic clutch

Service history and receipts somewhere..

The bad:

Some paint fade in patches on the roof and on the bonnet

Dash has a couple of cracks

Carpark ding on drivers front quarter

Dent in rear bumper

Idle valve clogs every few months causing it to acquire a very angry idle note which actually sounds kinda cool


Passenger front tyre bald on outer edge thanks to all the roundabouts where I live

Suspicious RH engine mount making a weird noise I think

Turbo leaks a bit oil from oil feed line

$3500 AU or best offer.

Verdict? BTW, this is from an Aussie FB page.