"What classic car should I buy?" is a question with an answer. That answer is the Isuzu 117. It's a combination of Italian styling (Giugiaro did it while at Bertone, and it's Bertone as fuck), race-proven mechanicals (it's essentially a Bellett GT-R with a bored-out version of its awesome twin-cam engine. For those who don't know, the Bellett GT-R was the car the Skyline GT-R was designed to beat.) and soul-sucking Japanese reliability. Essentially, the 117 is an old Alfa GT-V you could daily drive. And here's one with 33,000 kms on the clock.

Tell me you don't want to sit there. In all that velour. Looking at all that wood.

Look at that engine bay. The cylinder head is red and everything.

Seriously, the 117 is one of the few drawback-free cars. It's an Italian twincam sports coupe you can drive without fear of catastrophic mechanical failure. If it had a name on the back that you'd say with that borderline-racist accent that asshole you know from work puts on when he orders at the Olive Garden, it would cost as much as a house. This barely broken in example will only set you back $23,630, plus shipping fees, simply because it says "Isuzu" on it.


These things are amazing. I want one badly.