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Found on Government Surplus: A Boring Machine

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It’s exactly what it says on the box: a boring machine. Specifically a Canadian 126" boring machine, advertised in Freedom units, not French units.


From the listing:


Removed from service date - 2018

Weights - Forward - 32t / Stationary - 25.5t

Diameter - 126’’/ 3,200mm

See specification sheets attached for full details


a. Original Manufacturer Lovat, recent technical support & historical technical rights owned by Lovsuns Tunneling Canada Ltd.


b. Lovat, 126 Serial 4800


c. TBM is an open face TBM, with capable of using an assortment of cutting tools

d. Standard excavations 3200mm/126 inches

e. Capable of installing expandable segments & tunneling to install ribs and lagging


f. Single conveyor system

g. Cutter head low speed 5 RPM & High of 10 RPM

h. Operating thrust 750ton

i. Unit completely analogue

The Equipment is being sold on an as-is basis. Prospective Buyers are free to inspect the Equipment before purchase; but if any hidden defects are discovered after purchase, the Buyer has no recourse against the Seller. There are no warranties accompanying the Equipment.


General NOTES:

  1. General tunneling within the city of Edmonton in soft ground

Services Performed:

  • Regular PM services were performed to this TBM in a 100hr/biweekly basis when possible
  • TBM 126 was fully refurbished before performing the last project in between 2016 to 2018

Refurbishment history/last project:

  • Unit tunneled 1,527 meters from last refurbishment
  • Last tunnel project ranged from May 2016 to September 2018 and has been stored inside since

Equipment included:

  1. Dirt cars
  2. Segment cars
  3. Gantry system with Ground conditioning system(GCS) If available
  4. Drawings, general info. and parts details.(limited) - See documents attached
  5. Operation & Maintenance manual available

The asset is being sold as listed. You are invited to place a bid with the information provided, if the information provided does not meet your satisfaction, we suggest you do not bid.



But wait, there’s more! The seller also has three smaller boring machines for sale.


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