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Found On Montana Craigslist: That Name Again Is Mr. Plow Edition

Snow Plow Truck and Contracts - $26995 (Bozeman/Belgrade)

Plow Truck, Plow, and over $1000 per push of contracts!

2004 Dodge 2500, just turned 100K on the Cummins. Rear airbags, front Timbrens, which take the weight of the plow onto the frame instead of the suspension. Rear and side flood lights, LED flashers on front, side, mirrors, and rear. There’s more light going backwards than front! Steel flatbed made by HCL. Auto Tranny replaced last year, a bunch of front end work the last two years, all by Billion Dodge. Brand new Wrangler Duratreck Tires ($1200) last month. Cloth interior, tilt wheel, power front seat.

2014 9.2 Steel VXT Boss Snow Plow. Got it the end of last season. It has only been used one hour last year, and just a few pushes this year. Still under warranty.

Snow contracts worth over $1000 per push. Much more with heavier snow fall.

Contracts WILL NOT be sold without purchase of the the truck and plow, so don’t ask. Truck and plow will be seperated if you don’t want the contracts. Truck $21,000, plow $6500. Plow would be over $7500 if you buy one new. All the work is done for you to start making money, while looking good doing it.

The night picture was taken last night. I’ll take more once it warms up enough to wash her.


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