Found on Road: Dead (thanks, FORD)

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Ranger has a new whirring noise that increases and decreases with speed. Sounds like a bad wheel bearing, feels like a bad wheel bearing. No problem, parts are just $30 and plenty of how-to on the internet. Unfortunately after I spent a couple hours changing the front wheel bearing, the noise is still with us. Is it a) I changed the wrong wheel bearing, b) a sticking brake caliper that’s sounding like a worn bearing, c) rear wheel bearing (drum brakes - I’m not gonna mess with those bearings), d) rear end gear/pinion problem, e) none of the above... stay tuned for updates.


I’m tired of fixing this (my son’s) truck -. I just want it gone. It was listed for sale before the mystery noise started, so I am going to have to get it sorted out if I want someone to test drive it. It’s only got 115k and it needs seemingly constant repairs. Maybe I got a lemon, or maybe the previous owner beat the crap out of it, but it’s living up to the Fix Or Repair Daily FORD reputation. Hopefully your collective experience will be better, but I’m going back to Hondas from now on. Thanks for letting me vent

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