Found on the ebays, 363 mile 2003 Mercury Marauder

If I had a Jay Leno sized car collection, I'd buy it just to remember what my car looked like before I owned it.... New...

I have seen quite a few low mile marauders pop up for sale in recent years, one was a dark toreador red 2004 with 400 miles on it that was sold, then bought back by the guy who sold it, then offered for sale again. One of my friends picked up a 12,000 mile car which I got to drive a few weeks ago. I'm not sure what kind of person bought this car and let it sit, and sit, and sit, thinking it'd go up in value.


I know some people out there don't like when others hoard cars and never drive them, after all cars are meant to be driven right? I like when a few people keep low mileage examples of unique cars, so 10-15, even 50 years down the road when these examples are still around we can look back and say "Remember when those were new?" This car reminds me when I first saw the Marauder in person, a black and a silver 04, both with spoilers, on the new car lot in 2005 (oh yeah, hot sellers). Now most of these cars I see either out in the wild, or even some that come to panther meets, are just ragged out high mile shit boxes. Its like they were all police interceptors for all these years!

Thats why whenever I come across a real low mile clean car like this one, it makes me happy to know theirs still a few out there that are still a good representation of what these cars were like off the lot.


I don't really think this car is worth just under 30 grand, realistically speaking its probably more in the 20-23 range. Maybe someone will buy it, who knows, theirs an ass for every seat. I'm just glad to know that some clean examples will live on, as I rack up the miles on my car and enjoy it for what it was meant to do. Burn gas and haul ass.


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