What has a supercharged V8, 450+hp, and the ability to enter and exit the corporate parking deck in a sideways smokey fashion? The answer is right inside!

The car I bring you from the land of a thousand and one auctions for new Chinese junk, is this lovely W211 Mercedes Benz E55 AMG. This car has been featured in many pictures and videos for the wheel company Vossen, its also in my rotating wallpaper on my desktop because I always thought it looked great. So imagine my surprise when I got in an argument with a friend over W211 vs W210 E55's, hopped on ebay, and found this for sale!

(I might mix in some Vossen photos just to show off how great this car looks, if you google "Vossen E55 AMG" this is one of the two that is allover the net, the other is a bat shit insane 10sec 1/4 mile silver E55 owned by a guy who frequent visits a forum I'm on)


For those of you who don't know about the E55, here is a crash course. The W211 E55 was built from 2003 to 2006, and features a 5.4L Supercharged V8, utilizing a Lysholm based supercharger. Its hand built engine was rated at 469hp and 520tq. At the time when this car was produced, it was the fastest four door sedan that Mercedes and AMG had ever built. It even had faster acceleration than the Brabus E V12 biturbo of the same era. The 5.4 made so much torque that it could only be backed by the older 5spd automatic trans, because the fresh to the market 7spd auto couldn't handle it. In typical AMG fashion, they turned sensibility into insanity, and its absolutely fantastic.

On the inside, we find what you'd expect in a top trim Merc, a very well optioned, leather trimmed interior. It has all the usual toys you'll find today on any luxury car. Sat nav, adjustable suspension, 10 way power seats (I believe, I know damn well its more than 8) with heat and memory functions, rear mounted climate controls, moonroof, the list goes on for ever.


The car currently has just under 80,000 miles on it. Its very obvious that the previous owner kept this car in immaculate condition. It also happens to have a very cool instrument cluster. Its neat to watch the needle float around as this car moves. Yes, this 4200 pound car will move, it pulls like a damn train.


The wheels on the car are 20" Vossen CV3's. I think they fit the car VERY well, its a nice clean look. The fronts are 20x9" and the rears are 20x10.5". I would guess that the tires are a 30 or 35 series, the rears have to be in the range of a 295-305, which should have no problem planting the power of the big blown V8.

The E55 got replaced in 2007 with the E63 AMG. It was still a W211, but with a bit of freshening up. The 5.4 kompressor V8 was replaced with a 6.2L N/A V8, which made 507hp and 465tq. The E63 also got an updated suspension and the 7 speed auto, so it was faster than the E55. From what I have read when W211 owners compare the two cars is, the E55 has far more potential to modify and go fast, with its stout engine/trans combo. The E63 is more refined for a daily driver with its updated underpinnings and 7spd trans.


Still, if you are after a W211, or any E class, the E55 is the savage beast that deep down, you know you want.

This E55 AMG is currently listed on ebay with a buy it now price of $22,500 dollars. It has 19 days remaining, which means you have 19 days to take a crack at buying this sinister sedan.