I had to do a double take and let out that characteristic "whaaaaaaat" that is always guaranteed to make my girlfriend roll her eyes, cross her arms, and wait for me to finish geeking out over what ever obscure vehicle I have stumbled across. Unfortunately, I couldn't stick around to take any more or better pictures, but here you go, guys. BMW made an M6 in for 6 years in the 80's. That's your history lesson for today.

It was a little dinged up, and looked to be daily driven, but was still pretty in pretty good shape overall. Also, the owner apparently shops at Sprouts. Fun fact.


The want is strong with this one. Such a gorgeous car, especially when compared to the beluga whale that was the E63 M6 that came "next" (sorry whales, low blow). Not sure why these didn't sell for BMW. They were fast as hell for their time, were widely praised, and well, looked like that. BMW did with a 6 cylinder what American V8's were struggling to do during the malaise era (I'm looking at you, Corvette).

Welp, off to Craigslist. Again.