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So I Spun the Crown Vic...

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(Not my car, but an exact match)

So I recently acquired a ‘97 Crown Vic as my daily work. My grandfather bough the car semi-new (it was a corporate demo) and kept it as a spare car through the subsequent vehicles he’s purchased. About 2 months ago, he passed it on to me so that my wife could have our ‘12 Ford Fusion as we only had one car and she had the kids all day while I was at work. The car has run beautifully and hasn’t given me a single issue, until today.


As I driving up a 270* on-ramp right after a light rain, the rear-end began to slip and I could feel the imminent drift coming on. I managed to keep that under control, but the front tires clipped the 4” concrete curb and threw me around 180*. Thankfully I managed to keep the car from backing in to the guard rail or hitting anything (or anyone) else. Scared the absolute crap out of me, but nothing was damaged and no one was hurt so I’m just counting my blessings.

Once I got back to work, I checked the rear tires and found they had plenty of tread on them. But, the rear tires are some cheap off-brand and appear be whatever the cheapest tire that could be put on was whenever they were changed out. They are Epic Tour Radial LL700’s. After a quick online search, I found them for $56/tire....


Obviously these need to be replaced ASAP, because it rains A LOT where I live. I need tires that will actually hold traction in the rain. And that’s the part that confuses me. The front’s are Michelin HydroEdges, which from the sound of the name and how the front stayed pretty planted during the spin, are good tires for wet weather. Does anyone, especially you Panther drivers out there, have any recommendations as to what tires to replace these with? I haven’t had this car long and haven’t had the chance to do much research, so I don’t know what tires work best on this platform.

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