(not the car pictured, mine was much prettier... you'll see...) In High School I used to tear up the streets in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, with my buddies and rivals. It was a very picturesque growing up, with lots of Eclipses, Civics, and Muscle Cars. I had to give that up to go to college, but I still have my old street racer in storage while I wait either for a buyer or to bring it up here if I can earn enough money while in school to pay for the parking/insurance.

I'm going to clean these photos up, and sometime soon I may post a little ode to my best friend all through high school.

Had I given up college, I guarantee you right now I'd be making about 20-30k a year full time with a 400-500HP 2004 Mustang SVT Cobra. It was for sale, and just in my budget... but I declined obviously, because you don't say "no" to going to the best Economics school in the country/world for free just to have a fast car right now. Once I graduate I'll have the money to build a car right.