The super storm is completely missing us but we got some inches so I went to check out untouched seasonal roads inside a state forest where my friend lives. Her road and ones rarely traveled beyond it look much like a Finnish rally stage. Not that I treat it as such but its still fun to explore the reeeeally remote ones, until they require a lifted 4x4 to traverse. Anyway...

I do want to go back with my good camera because it was such a beautiful wilderness setting once I found the 8 mile section used only by hunters and rangers....but I don’t want to clean all this sh*t off again. This was the result of my friend’s long dirt road to-and-from the fun roads. Also the fact we salt our roads liberally thanks to ginormous salt mines underneath the fingerlakes. I’m starting to feel like all self-car washes are ripoffs I never get it all done...

dba rototors, hawk pads, braided goodrige lines and 2G Eclipse/Evo IV 10th anniversary Enkei wheels, badged as OZ for some reason

I took it easy on the initial run because the road looked more like a tunnel through dense forest with little shoulder until it opened up to follow a creek lined by frosted pines and untouched snow that glittered in the sun. I promise I’ll go back for the benefit of Opponauts another snowy morning. It looked like an idyllic alipne painting you’d find at the thrift store.


Then maybe I can find out which bush er shrub I got this ^ guy from. This happened on the return on the fun road abouts when the pretty sparkling creek shows up.

Coming out of the dense tree section there’s a wide right curve and at the end it passed over a stream feeding the creek, also to my right. I decided to kick the clutch down and feed it throttle, which pretty much guarantees the car shows its ass. I was ready for the drift I just held it for too long when the road narrowed at that stream inlet on the outside of the turn. There’s just a ditch, water and some bushes. I reeled it in in time and missed the ditch but I felt a little dip and heard some rough noises so that must have been the bushes.


Glen Region fo’ lyfe!! Promise I’ll get my oppo sticker soon.

The snonuts happened before all that in an empty parking lot for one of the waterfalls in another nearby park area. I must say they were better than the dream I had about doing sno nuts.


I hadn’t abused the car with a fresh turbo in a while, let alone a significantly bigger one so I wasn’t expecting it to swap ends so fast and gimme some sweet centrifugal force once boost hit its 1st gear G spot. The axis spins are tight indeed for a wheelbase but eight inches longer than an MX5. And fun. So much fun.



Not my first rodeo either. That rallycross is coming up again soon and I might go just to spectate or get a ride but not to compete. The GSX has about half as much suspension travel as the Wolfsburg and as I remember sharp shale rocks mixed in with the farm soil seriously fucked up the nice new snow tires I got for Christmas. Maybe if I tell people how I won the last event they’ll let me borrow a car again. I also remember never really getting all the mud out of every nook n cranny in the engine bay.