Found some old Top Gear clips glorifying the Confederate Flag

I recently stumbled upon two old Top Gear clips glorifying the General Lee, complete with the obligatory Stars n’ Bars on the roof.

The first comes from a very old news segment (back when Richard Hammond was a teenager) featuring examples of cars with ridiculous mods, including a Vauxhall Cavalier turned General Lee.

Jeremy says with zero sarcasm, “This is fair enough. This guy’s obviously a fan of the Dukes of Hazzard and the General Lee car, with the Confederate Flag. Nothing wrong with it at all,” and Hammond agreeing, “Nothing wrong with that.”


Unfortunately, it’s part of a compilation video, so I don’t know what year the clip is from, but clearly a very early season judging by the small audience and prepubescent Hammond.

The second example comes from S01E03 of Top Gear Australia, during a cheap car challenge, when host Warren Brown actually creates his own General Lee out of an old Toyota Camry.

Yes, BBC Worldwide actually paid to create and film a General Lee for a comedy show…in 2008...the same year President Obama was elected.

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