Marimbas, Maseratis, and Marriage are the three things I’m working towards over the coming years. I forgot about these scores hidden under some junk/found percussion “instruments.” The piano and string music was stuff I played on marimba, not those instruments. The Ives and Balada scores at the top were from my personal study, I was a bit of an Ives scholar.

The odd ball find was an old draft of “Danger Kitty,” which is a marimba solo I cimposed and performed on both my Senior Percussion and Composition Recitals early this decade. The goal was to eventually turn it into a cartoon and I had an artist make a comic strip/storyboard which was available to the audience.

Excuse the draft, this is before editing but I found the markings fun.


*Below is an example of what “classical” marimba playing is like:

**Also, I’m totally arranging “Phunkdified” into my repetoire.