A few days ago, I found the last of the great classic Eldorados. After that generation, the fuel crisis made the Eldorado get smaller and slower and far less cool. The same sad story befell most American cars of the period, including the Ford Mustang. This car, which I found in front of a store that sells red things, is arguably the last of the hot rod Mustangs before the onset of choking fuel and emissions standards. This Mach 1 packed a Ram Air 351 according to the hood, and while I can’t say for sure which of the two available 351s this, it does appear to have the Ram Air option. I can say that for the time, this was a reasonably quick machine, at least in a straight line. After this car came the horrendous Mustang II, which most of you probably prefer simply because it’s rarer and less cliché. There have been many great Mustangs since, but this is the last of the “BC” Mustangs, if you will.