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So a couple of days ago I mentioned I was going to replace my rear pads and rotors under the assumption they were low and one of the clips was out of place and grinding on the rotor. Well, after a bit of frustration, I found the real culprit.

After some time gathering tools, jacking the rear up, and removing the wheels, I finally got into the brakes. I started with the driver side, being anxious to fix the problem that has been driving me nuts for a bit. Well that will have to wait, because the lower caliper bolt was stuck in there pretty good and I needed to use an air chisel to remove it. Seven more dollars down the drain for new bolts. After finally getting that off then removing the caliper and cage together because the suspension is in the way from removing the lower caliper bolt, I finally saw the pads. Whoops! The inner pad was down to nothing, though the out still had some life. I should have known better. Oh well, I was replacing the rotors anyways. Front pads will be done tomorrow or Friday since NAPA gave me the wrong ones. Never trust the guy to pull the right pads from the shelf. Feels good to have smooth brakes again. Never waiting this long for a squeaking noise again.


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