Went to do a work order on a customers house today and when we pulled in saw this truck. Im a sucker for old imports and I just love to 2 tone blue. Talked to the guy about it and he says he bought it used in 1975 from the original owner and drove it through 2008 when his vision got too bad to drive anymore. The body appears straight except for a fist sized dent, not pictured, in the back corner of the bed. There is some rust in the rockers and bottom of the doors but i looked under it and the frame and suspension looked solid. the interior is all there except for the radio. Its a 1972 Datsun 1600 showing 36,000 on a 5 digit odometer. He says it is 136,000 and I'm inclined to believe it. It's been sitting since 2008. Of course it "ran when parked", so probably assume the gas in the carb and tank are probably varnish by now. Its a 4 speed manual and everything looked original except maybe the black painted hubcaps. He is fairly firm at $1400. Sorry for the potato pics.