Found this while I was reorganizing my computer...

Apparently I had started to write a short story about rallying on the Moon. I've pasted it in below for your curiosity edification.

Staging a rally on the moon was perhaps the sixth silliest idea ever concieved. The combination of one-sixth gravity and slippery regolith led to almost farcical, slow-motion races. However, on the TV, Group B lunar rallies turned out to be a massive hit. Establishment teams such as Audi and Mini were pretty much helpless here- the fine tolerances built into their machines were torn to pieces by the gritty, bumpy moonscape. Instead, purpose-built rides reigned supreme- particularly those designed and built on the Moon. Wire-wheeled monstrosities with massive electric motors and fusion powerplants, these Lunar muscle cars provided the best spectacle in racing ever since the BTCC's golden era.



The race countdown was simultaneously beamed into each driver's nerve-topper- gone was the man coming out with the "5 Seconds…" board. The fusion entries steamed in the lunar night, the incredible heat generated by their power plants bled off by liquid cooling.


The few internal-combustion entries revved their engines to the redlines; the electrics just sat there.



Zeke's face, drenched with sweat, studied the car ahead- an internal combustion entry. It would take a while to get up to speed, so Zeke decided on a passing strategy.



Zeke buried his foot in the carpet, sending the wire tires spinning in the regolith. With the back end loose, he flicked the steering wheel left, then right to the outside of the IC entry, passing it, then left again to close with the rest of the pack. His electric Skoda was at a disadvantage on a long straight such as they had started on, so while the fusion muscle battled for the front, he could only wait until the corners came up.


The first corner arrived- a tight 180 degree left-hand hairpin designed to force the muscle to brake way before it. Zeke kept his foot buried, flicking a bit right just before the turn to give some room for error. Hard left now. His rear wheels broke loose as soon as the turn began, with the front joining them soon after. Zeke feathered the throttle throughout the barely-controlled four-wheel drift. Passing every fusion entry, the story I wrote stopped there.

Should I finish this up? I'd have to effectively remove the internal-combustion entries, because I have no idea what I was thinking with that. There is no. air. on. the. MOON. And to ship up air (not pure oxygen, as that'd wreck any block not made out of Thor's hammer) for a race is a ludicrous idea. I could replace the IC engines with pressurized waste-gas (methane, essentially) driving a turbine or something... this being the Moon rocket engines could come into play...



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