Wedged between a couple of condominium complexes in Vienna, VA is a patch of woods that, back in the 1960s, was used as an unlicensed junkyard. Basically, it's where a lot of worn-out cars, bikes, appliances, and other junk got dumped and left to rot.

The cars were all hauled away sometime in the 1980s, but hiding beneath the overgrowth, a lot of cool bits and pieces remain. Today I visited the site and came home with the souvenirs you see pictured.

My favorite is the 1965 bottle of Turtle Wax: "As advertised in the Saturday Evening Post and Look Magazine!"


One hubcap is nondescript and looks to be of 1960s or 1970s vintage. But the other, heavier one appears quite a bit older, and looks like it's missing a Cadillac emblem. Does anyone have an idea of what car it might be from? Here's a closeup:


I'm sure I'll be back soon. Each visit to this place turns up new treasures.