Four 2015 Year-End Mashups, Ranked According To What Gets Played Most Often By Wheelerguy The Silly

Number one: Earworm’s United State of Pop 2015.

Finally, Earworm is back. After two A- mixes and one B+ mix, , the man who made the year-end pop music megamix a thing finally delivered a trademark piece, the giga-song that’s been his style since 2009. With impeccable lyric flow, vocal/instrumental combinations that fit, consistently good build-ups, and an epic riff that still gives me goosebumps, USPOP ‘15 recaptures the magic of 2009... though it wouldn’t be apparent the first time you hear it, what with the mellow intro.


Up next is AnDy Wu’s Musicland 2015 mix:

While not a newcomer to the megamix fray, Musicland ‘15 has the most rousing intro of any of this year’s big-name DJ’s. It takes some extra plays to get used to, because there are three (or six) different segments to this mashup whose transitions are jarring, but amazingly, Andy Wu bottles the elixir that made Daniel Kim’s Pop Danthology ‘12 and Robin Skouteris’ PopLove 2 smash-hits. Multiple riffs are epically-wrought and sends shivers down the spine of mine, and while there are some slightly dodgy combinations, majority simply go up a high level.


Occupying the third spot is half of Daniel Kim’s Pop Danthology mix for this year:


It’s not as bombastically epic as the other two, but trust me on this: if you want an easy-going, smooth mix to accompany you while doing some chores, this is recommended.

Now we go to our bottom 2, and at 4th, is PopLove 4.

This is an unbelievably inconsistent and messy mix from the guy who dropped golden hits. The combinations don’t work, the transitions are jarring, and there’s no big epic riff drop. Certain bits go smooth as a baby’s bottom and dance-able, but I see it as a setup to that big riff... that, unfortunately, never came. In fact the mix sounded like one endless buildup that didn’t get to any apex. Near the end, yes, but that’s it? That’s as high as you can go


And dead last, Pop Danthology ‘15 part 2.


Takes what was wrong with the 4th place mix and adds more detestable instrumentals. Ugh.

That’s all, folks.

Have some tailfins for the troubles.

Oh, and goodnight.

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