So lately I’ve been developing a way of categorizing and organizing cars that is more relative, and fair. See I how “good” a car is is all relative to the intent of the car itself. For example it’s unfair to rate a Miata on how good of a family hauler it is, and equally unfair to rate a Chrysler Town & County on how fun it is to drive.

So what are the four kinds of car.

Fun: designed to keep the driver entertained, and provide an engaging driving experience.

Utilitarian/Useful: more a tool, than anything else. It’s soul purpose is to move things, or people from one location to another.


Luxury: Designed to pamper the driver, as well has the passengers. Often the opposite of the the “fun” car as it’s intent is to separate you from the world around you, and provide an effortless, and disengaged driving experience.

Economical: Purely cheap transportation. From initial cost, to insurance, to MPGs. this is a vehicle aim straight at those who just don’t want to spend money on a car.


Now Most cars fall into two categories, as they are developed to appeal to as many people as possible(generally). Ford example the FiST would be Fun/Economical. You get to have fun, with out spending to much money Especially since you won’t need a second car whenever you need to haul 4 adults, or bring home more than a few groceries.


Where the ever popular Luxury pickup or SUV is Luxury/Utility


And many Crossovers are markets as Utility/Fun (tho that’s often a lie)

So what do you think? Does this make sense or am I over simplifying it?

Also this leads into a-whole-nother subject which is the battle between Compromise, and a more single minded approach. Personally I hate compromise in principle, but I also love the idea of a sporty, luxury, wagon which is an like a symphony of compromise.


This thought process really just makes me wish I had the cash to own more than one vehicle, and more like four. Four cars that do one just and do it whole souled.