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So long story short.

TL;DR - Compressor failed, swap it have issues with it. Swap it again, ac works. Company of both compressors rocks and is refunding me some money for my troubles.


Got an oil change a few weeks back and my accumulator was noted as leaking. Replaced it. Got my system vacuumed and filled. OEM compressor dies. Go to autozone and buy a new(not reman) compressor.

Start the job of swapping it. My suction line(compressor to accumulator line) fights and I damage it removing. Order another. Swap in first compressor, leave rubber plugs in to protect it, tape off the other holes. Get the line in, doesnt fit where it should. Take it back and order another. Do this 3 times, get 4th line.


Guy at Autozone understands my pain, offers to swap me out compressors to a different, more expensive one for free. Check line on compressor I’m being offered. It fits and I run home to yank off that compressor. Swap in the new one, and get ac system working again. Huzzah, almost 3 weeks of suffering is over.

Meanwhile, I contact the manufacturer of the compressor, show them the problem. Measure the plug, measure the line, give part numbers, let them know everything they need to know.


They contacted me the other day, by phone, after asking for it through facebook where I originally contacted them. They offer to refund my money on the compressor for my troubles, same for the line. Since both the line on it now and 2nd compressor are both Four Season brand. Rhe first compressor that gave me trouble was theirs also.

They’re sending me a check for the pricing of the parts, I did send them copies of the receipts for both parts. They also offered to overnight a compressor that they believe was guaranteed to fit. But I explain it’s been resolved and it’s working. They asked for my VIN and the compressor part number. So they could note it and extend my warranty. If I had any trouble with the working compressor in the next 2 years, they’d send me one free and a little money for install, whether I installed it or had it done professionally. That if I did have trouble to contact them.


I honestly have no complaints about them as a company since they went above and beyond. They’re also checking other compressors to see if it was a specific lot that had a problem or just mine was some kind of factory defect.

Yes both compressors were checked against rock auto, amazon and autozone to confirm it was originally for my car. The suction line port(or hole) was a tenth of an inch to to small for the line to fit. I checked it with digital calipers after it didnt wanna fit.


If I have any problems again I’m probably going to buy their parts again. Because they’re both cheap and provide great service. So I cant complain. I choose autozone because i used a $20 credit and my military discount to save some on the compressor.

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