I test drove four vastly different vehicles. Two of each are in the same category, off road SUVs, and two wagons. If I had to buy one of the four today, I would pick...

You’ll have to wait a little longer for the answer. Today, I went to check out the VW Alltrack. Handsome little car. Unfortunately, the emphasis for me ended up being on little. When I drive, I now routinely have 4 people in my truck. That means someone has to sit behind me. In the Alltrack, that simply wouldn’t be possible. My son could, but I’m not going to replace my current vehicle with someone that would make him uncomfortable. That would just be stupid. So, due to space, the Alltrack is a no starter.

I really liked the Wrangler. If money and finances were no object, I imagine this would be the winner. However, I’m not willing to go further into debt for one, especially since I’m sure I’ll have equal amounts of fun (as a third vehicle) in a TJ for a fraction of the cost. As cool as the JL is, price is the nonstarter for this one.


The Buick TourX. I wasn’t glowing in my review. However, if I look at it in a different light, as a utility vehicle instead of a sport wagon, my outlook changes. The easy to clean surfaces make more sense, the pleasant ride and perfectly acceptable drivetrain are a reasonable option. However, it’s just not what I expected. Even with a few dealers offering steep discounts, I can’t see me buying one.

The 4Runner is a great truck. So great, that it reminded me of why I bought a Tacoma. There is definitely more rear seat room than the Tacoma, and the third row is actually usable. The simply fact is, I’d seldom use a third row. I really liked every aspect of this truck. So much so, that I’d get one...if it wasn’t so similar to the truck. All this has taught me that I bought the right thing 3 years ago (maybe i should’ve sucked it up and got the TRD Pro at the time). While I’ve thought about trading it in more than once, if I ask “what can I see myself still driving 5 years from now”, it’s the Taco.


tl;dr, I’m keeping the Taco. Cost no object, I’d take the Jeep. Factoring cost, the 4Runner.