Its no hidden truth about how deep we are in trouble with trigger-happy mad-men who once were upheld as freedom fighters during the fight to rid Soviets out of Afghanistan. Some of the most wildest and beautiful places a auto enthusiast may wish to visit is the Hingol National Park, and so it happens nowadays to be in the worse disturbed place in the country and yet there is hope. Accompanied by few local we went into park as free men.

Hingol National Park packs the most serene skies on the whole of continent, star-hunters say it's sky has an awesome rating of bortel-1, whatever that means, we just know that you sleep under the blanket of stars.

The terrain on the other hand, makes it the most terrible and/or a dream place for a four wheeling enthusiast. Stall for tens minutes and your vehicle will begin to sink, nonetheless, we had the advantage of support vehicles for each other, as one progressed to leave a trail in the areas we weren't too sure, the rest took on rescue mode.

Vehicle line-up:




And now pictures, as men who promised our freedom failed to deliver us that, our 4x4s came to rescue our freedom to see, believe and share.


Fixing attempt one:

Not posting again...will make a new thread with pics someday in the future when Jalopnik doesn't work Chinese..this is ridiculous.