So after a fun weekend of auto cross; I was left sunburned and a bit sore, but I had a huge smile on my face. It got me to thinking about oh I need to post this to oppo! And then I got to thinking.

So what do you think is the official race of opposite lock and jalopnik?

AND THEN I got to wondering why there is not a official formula O and formula J (minors and majors maybe) I move for a lemans style multi class system. But but they all have to be odd ball classes. And no! This time miata is not correct. (Hey they already have a race series)

So I think

5- bangers for one class

Straight 6's for another

Is a good place to start I think we can come up with some good cars classes, for like another 2 maybe?


But I think because of community is so important they should have I want to work ticket to enter and you could find your self part of a pit crew or a time keeper working flags, possibly even racing! I think as long as you could reasonably do it, screw it why not!? (Insurance people besides the point) We could probably be scca or nasa behind this!? Who is with me?

I think a lower barrier to entry then your normal racing license but above the nothing for autocross; It should be fun and competitive but not to hard or expensive to get into


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