Fourth Round Of The Oppo Endurance Championship Is In Two Weeks

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The fourth round of the Oppositelock Forza 7 Endurance Championship, at Maple Valley is three weeks from now on Saturday, April 28th at 8:00 PM EDT. If you’d like to learn more about the series, click the link and get all the info. Or, if you’ve already read the plan but haven’t signed up yet, click here to go straight to the sign up sheet.


If you’re not racing with us, many of us stream the races on twitch, the links for which will be posted on race day. A list of streamers from the previous round can be found here.

Also, instead of using parties or gamechat, we are going to be using the Oppositelock Racing/Digital Burnouts Discord to communicate during the races. If for some reason we are not using the app or it fails, we will be using gamechat to communicate, and hoping for the best. HERE IS THE INFO AND SERVER ACCESS LINK FOR THE DISCORD SERVER.


Votes are in! There was a tie for the vote, so I made the executive decision to go with the 28th at 8:00 PM EDT to allow me to better conduct BoP (which is in progress right now). This puts the race a little less than three weeks out. You can follow BoP changes here. Any builds that change will be highlighted, and I will provide a full list of cars that have been given new builds once the BoP process is done. The next car pack is coming out Thursday, so be on the lookout for new cars that may get added. The most popular option for weather was by far real world conditions once again. So during testing be sure to put in some rain laps just in case the weather in Boston (which I’m using for the weather since Maple Valley isn’t real) on the 28th is bad. I’ll announce the actual conditions for the race an hour before the start based on the weather forecasts.

Also remember that we are using the reverse configuration of the full circuit. And be sure to watch out for the jump in the last sector. I’m not joking when I say I think someone’s car is going to get passed by jumping over it. The potential for rain makes the scenario doubly terrifying...


Look for more reminders for this race over the next three weeks. If anything changes before the next race, I’ll post about it there first.

Hope to see you there on race day!

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