1st (14pts) - ly2v8-Brian (Kampfmesser), 2011 Mazda RX-8 R3

2nd (15pts) - Tareim, 2011 BMW 1M

3rd (13pts) -IDDaVo (FearlessTSwift), 2004 Mazdaspeed RX-8

4th (13pts) - RoboRed (RoboRedMdn1te), 2012 Porsche Cayman R

5th (12pts) - SVTyler (mackleroy45), 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

6th (11pts) - nich (nichpsu), 2008 BMW M3

T7th (1opts) - Corey CC97, 2010 Masterati GT; robluvscars1, 2013 Ford Boss 302; Cherry Man 1, 2013 Boss 302

8th (9pts) - Tohru (Tohru Rokuno), 2009 Hyundai Genesis Coupe


1st (45pts) - Kampfmesser (ly2v8-Brian)

2nd (39pts) - Tareim

3rd (37pts) - mackleroy45 (SVTyler)

4th (36pts) - RoboRed (RoboRedMdn1te)

5th (31pts) - robluvscars1

6th (27pts) - BaseTrim (TjUeBeA83)

7th (23pts) - Desu San Desu

8th (21pts) -nich (nichpsu)

9th (20pts) - FearlessTSwift

10th (19pts) - Corey CC97

11th (11pts) - dr861 (LentAtom9)

12th (10pts) - Cherry Man1

13th (9pts) - Tohru (Tohru Rokuno)

14th (8pts) - Viggen (JA 37 Viggen)

15th (7pts) - Rainbow (Goatbird)

16th (6pts) - weebor

Miscellaneous Notes:

-If you have good Internet and want to host next week’s race please let me know. I can host all the races once I go back to school where I have 200Mb/s and no NAT-type but until then we’ll need someone else because it seems like neither me nor RoboRed’s connections are any good.


- Because people got disconnected the scoring’s a bit fucky for this week. New plan if this happens again: if a racer completes more than 50% of the race, they will receive full points for the position they were in when they disconnected while the rest of the field will be scored as if the people who were dropped DNF’d. As you can see, Corey and Rob and Cherry Man finished 7th because of this. Any problems with this policy or suggestions for a better one, let me know.

- Kampf and FearlessTwift are deducted 2 and 1 points respectively for excessively quick lap times, as they were 1.4 and .7 seconds faster than the next-fastest car (which was 1 second faster than the target time to begin with). And I know you weren’t putting in those times every lap but I did watch the replay and your guys’ other lap times were consistently faster than the field regardless, Kampf’s a bit more so.


- On a related note, I’m trying to think of a more specific penalty system for fast laps that isn’t just arbitrary about what defines ‘too fast’ (possibly based on a percentage of the overall lap time, ie, 1% faster than the target being the outer limit). Better idea would be to find the average lap time of the race and then compare everyone’s individual lap time to that average. Any suggestions hit me up.

- And, again, if it seems like I’m busting balls and being a control freak I don’t mean to be, people have been complaining about other people’s lap times so I’m just trying to keep the peace and be fair to everyone.


- Finally, if you’re having trouble meeting the target time you can go ahead and add whatever upgrades you need. Engine swaps, aspiration conversion, whatever, just match the target and that’s all that matters. Just be sure you can handle such a powerful car come race day, seems like the faster the car is the harder they are to drive which can cause incidents.


8/15: Silverstone (Classic Roadster Series)

8/16: Maple Valley (Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge)

8/22: Le Mans (Grand-Am)