I have a fun game for you Opponauts. Over at Upper Midwest Oppo we're having a debate about who is the fastest driver. At the Chicago Auto Show, I dominated at VW's Forza 5 Challenge (2nd fastest in the entire show) but I completely failed at FCA's Charger Challenge (in which my fellow UM authors made a leaderboard time).

So we decided to settle it by setting some Forza hot laps. The rules are:

โ€” S Class or R3 Class.
โ€” Top Gear Test Track and the regular Road Atlanta course.
โ€” Only clean laps count.

Fastest time wins!

(No prizes awarded to the winner, this is just for fun.)

Here are my times so far:

โ€” Top Gear

โ€”- U-Haul Tesla Roadster


โ€”- Canadian National Railway smart fortwo (yes, I couldn't resist)


โ€” Road Atlanta

โ€”- Tesla


โ€”- smart


What can you do Oppo?