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Fourza is gone...but not forgotten.

Like most of you, I have spent more time than I care to admit since 2011 playing Forza 4 (FM4), aka Fourza. Its been very addictive.

Forza 4 is a fantastic game; in fact, it is so good, that after Forza 5 was released, many continued to play FM4, in spite of the new platform advantages.


But time moves on, and waits for no man...I for one, am just a little sad to see it go.

FM6 showed up on September 15, and it is the real deal. Most feel it is as good, if not better than FM4. Also, a lot of us have transitioned on to FM6, but what do you guys think about one last big final hurrah for FM4?


Think about this idea: Finish up all the current Oppolock Fourza racing series with a big multi-race blowout.

Schedule the remaining series (hot hatches, classic roadsters, Grand Am, CTSCC) to all to run on the same day, back-to-back, for a total of 5 laps each. Schedule it for a holiday weekend (like Thanksgiving weekend, or after the students are on Christmas break), when most are able to relax for a few.


As I see, it would only take a couple hours out of a Saturday afternoon, tops.

I do plan to start and host a vintage Trans-Am, vintage stock car, and CTSCC series on FM6, probably kicking off next summer, so this is not the end...just a fun way of closing one chapter, before starting the next.


IMO, it would be a really cool way to end with FM4.

What do you guys think?

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