Fourza Le Mans Race This Sunday + An Important Update

Just your daily reminder that we are going to be doing a 2.4 hour long race at Le Mans in Fourza this weekend. If you haven’t already, click the link, read the plan, and sign up. Also, for those of you who are already up to speed on the plan, I have an important announcement.

Aston Martin fans rejoice, because after some testing of the GT cars, I have decided that both Aston Martin DBR9s are now eligible for the GT class. If they run drag tires, they fit in R3 and put down similar times to the other GT cars, and with the lack of Aston Martins in the GT class, I figured why not include them. There are some more specifics regarding this on the final plan, which has been updated for this change.


Hope to see you there on race day.

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