Better late than never right? Right?

Heres the race results.

1st - mackleroy45

2nd - TjUeBeA83

3rd - Corey CC97

4th - IXII Wrath IIXI

5th - Tohru Rokuno

6th - Cherry Man 1

Current Standings.

1st (110pts) - mackleroy45

2nd (107pts) RoboRedMdn1te

3rd (89pts) - IXII Wrath IIXI

4th (82pts) - Corey CC97

5th (69pts) - Snadeau210

6th (62pts) - Kampfmesser

7th(60pts) - SYS Spate

8th (42pts) - Higu1

9th (37pts) - Cherry man 1

10th (36pts) - x1800HowsMyDMRx

11th (34pts) - sackofcheese

12th (30pts) - TjUeBeA83

13th (14pts) - Desu San Desu

14th (12pts) - Tohru Rokuno

15th (11pts) - Kailand09 and Corz69

16th (10pts) - Cmd Woods

17th (8pts) - Dsigned

A warm welcome to Tohru Rokuno and welcome back to Cherry Man, the Internetz Ninja. Seriously, that was killer man.