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Fourza Round One post race

So here is the finishing order of Round One at Sebring.

1st place is mackleroy45 with 16 points

2nd place is SYS Spate with 15 points

3rd place is snadeau210 with 14 points

4th place is Kampfmesser with 13 points

5th place is IXII Wrath IIXI with 12 points

6th place is Higu1 with 11 points

7th place is sackofcheese with 10 points

8th place is Cherry Man 1 with 9 points

9th place is Dsigned with 8 points

10 place is x1800HowsMyDMRx with 7 points

Ill make a spread sheet later so its easier to keep track of all this.

Next sunday is a Fun race, again at 9PM Eastern. I was thinking spec NA miatas at Laguna Seca or Moonshiners, a cat and mouse race where the mice (moonshiners) are in lower class Ford Coupes and the cats (police) are in Chargers or some other old police-like car.


Vote on the fun race below, new ideas will not be ignored, they will be written down for future ideas at the very least.

Also, if you want to do the Moonshine race, some suggestions on what the police car should be would be good. Keep it old and American preferably.

One last point. For the GT points races, a few people, myself included, were thinking of running the rest of the GT races with simulation damage and tire wear ON. This will add the extra facet of pit stops, tire and fuel management and better tuning because the tire pressure will then be in effect.

To summarize,

-Fun race, Spec Miatas at Laguna Seca, or Moonshine Running.

-Police car for Moonshiners

-Simulation damage and tire wear for the GT series.

Heres some photos from last nights race. Credit To mackleroy45, aka Tyler's SVT Focus Hates Him.


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