Fourza Round Ten Post Race

Its on time! With pictures!

Here's how the race went down.

1st - TjUeBeA83

2nd - mackleroy45

3rd - IXII Wrath IIXI

4th - Corey CC97, AKA Silent Bob

5th - Commodore Axis

Current Standings.

1st (125pts) - mackleroy45

2nd (107pts) RoboRedMdn1te

3rd (103pts) - IXII Wrath IIXI

4th (95pts) - Corey CC97

5th (69pts) - Snadeau210

6th (62pts) - Kampfmesser

7th(60pts) - SYS Spate

8th (46pts) - TjUeBeA83

9th (42pts) - Higu1

10th (37pts) - Cherry man 1

11th (36pts) - x1800HowsMyDMRx

12th (34pts) - sackofcheese

13th (14pts) - Desu San Desu

14th (12pts) - Tohru Rokuno and Commodore Axis

15th (11pts) - Kailand09 and Corz69

16th (10pts) - Cmd Woods

17th (8pts) - Dsigned

A warm welcome to Commodore Axis, dont get discouraged, its your first race out. Get some practice in before the next race, and ill send a tune of your choice to you.


As for all of you people who have been absent we miss you guys, we'd have epic races if every one who could showed up. I understand people have school and family obligations, I just felt that I needed to put this out here for the people who just don't race.

Have more screen caps.


Next race is Sunday November 9th, and it will be at the Nurburging Nordschlief, 9PM Eastern Time, as always.


There is some debate over how many laps we want to do, as no one wants to do the typical 24 seeing as we'd be there for three hours. I figure around ten laps, maybe less, will do trick quite nicely. Leave your thoughts below.

I leave you with the prettiest damn Mopar ever. Dat Air Grabber.