Another few months, another few racing series in the books. Awards, final standings, and some thoughts after the jump.

B450 Two-Five Challenge Results:

1st (125pts) - SVTyler (mackleroy45)

2nd (100pts) - topsirloin (onepoin8turbos)

3rd (97pts) - Corey CC97

4th (82pts) - IXII Wrath IIXI (TheVancen)

5th (79pts) - Kampfmesser (ly2v8-Brian)

6th (78pts) - dr861 (LentAtom9)

7th (77pts) - AutoFixation (Parlock3)

8th (72pts) - Desu San Desu

9th (70pts) - robluvscars1

10th (57pts) Tohru (Tohru Rokuno)

11th (51pts) - Tareim

12th (48pts) - TheHondaMan (InfernoVivo)

13th (46pts) - Cmd Woods (K-Roll)

14th (32pts) - Rainbow (Goatbird)

15th (30pts) - CamaroBoy68SS

16th (28pts) - p33t (firenzaserin)

17th (25pts) - RoboRed (RoboRedMdn1te)

18th (17pts) - IDDaVo (FearlessTSwift)

19th (16pts) - Gunmetal117 (Captain of the Beige Wonder)

T20th (13pts) - DasWauto (WOUT13) and Decay (Decay 107)

T22nd (12pts) - KillerRaccoon (Picky Procyonid), DarkSlayer6368, Kyle Cheromcha (datnoise) and NonDriftingS13

25th (9pts) - Travis (Admiral Rumples)

26th (8pts) - aquila121

27th (7pts) - mattbob1294

As series organizer I award the prestigious, much-coveted Oppositelock Fourza Two-Five Challenge Trophy to the first-place finisher in the Two-Five Challenge, myself. Bow down before your better, ye noobs.


A550 Trans-Am Series

1st (160pts) - RoboRed (RoboRedMdn1te)

2nd (140pts) - SVTyler (mackleroy45)

3rd (129pts) - Corey CC97

4th (102pts) - Kampfmesser (ly2v8-Brian)

5th (86pts) - dr861 (LentAtom9)

6th (72pts) - Desu San Desu

7th (66pts) - Parlock3 (AutoFixation)

8th (65pts) - onepoint8turbos (topsirloin)

9th (62pts) - robluvscars1

10th (60pts) - TheVancen (IXII Wrath IIXI)

11th (56pts) - Tohru (Tohru Rokuno)

12th (52pts) - Tareim

13th (45pts) - camaroboy68ss

14th (25pts) - The Honda Man (InfernoVivo)

15th (24pts) - p33t (firenzaserin)

16th (22pts) - dontbethatguy (th4tjoshguy)

17th (20pts) - IDDaVo (FearlessTSwift)

T18th (16pts) - K-Roll (Cmd Woods) and Rainbow (GoatBird)

20th (14pts) - No Prius Needed (TensiveChunk21)

21st (12pts) - Nonster

22nd (11pts) - HyundaiBroNowHasAMiata(sackofcheese)

23rd (9pts) - Cherry_Man1 (Cherry man 1)

24th (8pts) - Decay (Decay107)

Despite being hampered by balance-of-performance adjustments and driving the slowest, least-powerful car in the series, RoboRed prevailed as the winner in Trans-Am. Not much else to say but congratulations man, you definitely earned it:


We have one more trophy to award. Inspired by one particular FP author, we decided to tally up the number of times drivers rolled their vehicles during the course of the race. The winner by an overwhelming margin was Tohru, who Orloved so many times I just stopped counting about midway through the season. So unto you I bestow the Raphael Orlove Memorial Trophy:

Overall I’d say both these series were extremely successful. We set out to create a competitive, unpredictable, exciting pair of racing series where anyone and everyone can join and immediately compete for the win, and I think we might’ve just done it: over twenty-four total races in both series we had twenty-one different winners, and many times finishing positions were decided by a second or less over a forty-five minute race.


I’d also like to do what I did last season and thank each and everyone of you who participated in these races. Even if it was just for a round or two, having a diverse, interesting group of people to hang out with and race on lazy Saturday afternoons made these races some of the most fun and challenging online gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Thanks again and see you next series.