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Fox body Rear Axle Question

Hey guys,

I posted in a few facebook groups looking for a replacement axle/diff setup for my Rally Capri. I want to upgrade from a 7.5" rear end to an 8.8" before my 7.5 goes BOOM.


So my dilemma is I was offered:

“Ford Racing Dana 44 with ebrake cables, drum to drum, never used, 3.31 gears” for $200

And from a pick and pull - Ford 8.8 Mustang drum to drum for $150 (already pulled).

Now 50 bucks more sounds like it would be cheaper than rebuilding one from a pick and pull but do I want a Dana 44? Did Ford Racing even get involved in D44's? He says it’s set up for a Mustang, but I’ve never heard of this so I’m a bit hesitant.

Thoughts? Probably buying one of these tomorrow if I can.

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