Went from 21 year old Kelly Chargers (Yes, I know, it wasn’t very smart to drive on them, I couldn’t help myself. They had no dry rot or cracking, so I figured they’d be alright until I got the new ones, and they were)....

To brand new Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/Ts.


Size is 275/60/15. It’s made to fit by a spacer (with longer studs, don’t worry, the lugnuts have PLENTY of engagement) and rubber bushings to raise the rear a little. Pappaw has run it this way for at least 20 years, so I know it’s alright. 

The tires made such a big difference, I mean, I knew they would, but it still blew me away.

Wheelhop? Gone. Feeling like it’s coming unsettled over bumps? Not anymore. Immediately jumping sideways under throttle in the rain? Well, it still spins the tires, but it’s much easier to keep it straight. Also, the sound went from a high pitched screech to a deep howl.


I have to get the car looked at, though. The check engine light is on and neither O’Reilly’s I took it to were able to get the codes. Probably the Carbon canister or EGR valve. The car still runs great, I’ve been daily driving it for about 3 weeks.

The throwout bearing, which has chattered for 15 years or so, is driving me crazy.


I also put a new stereo and speakers in it, and the speakers sound blown. Fucked if I know why.

But this car is an addiction.

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