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Foxbody's FTW!

I love my s197, but it would not exist without the foxbody. IMHO it is the car that saved the Mustang from front wheel drive extinction. I wanted to drive and review one, in part because a Foxbody is one of the cars that I would 100% entertain as a future channel project car for when my Channel gets big (not holding my breath).

I got a chance in this 1991 Mustang GT, owned by a 16 year old no less! Super cool that young drivers get the passion right from the start. I think the future generations will be fine. Just fine!

What do you all think of the Fox? Any other responses besides positive need not apply. No, on a more serious note; I would actually love to know if there are any OPPO’s that hate the Foxbody, and why.


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