I’ve been careful to restrain my witty repertoire to venues off the fp here even when I did frequent it. So the string of months old comments being replied or liked there the last few days has been uncommon. After visiting “J” more times in one morning than I have in the last year they got a click to see what the place is like.


Wow, now that was a fun read and the video evidence just kept getting wilder. Since nobody got hurt a little punting of the driver commenced. Granted this was very NYC’centric where most of them are located. If they only had a network of sources that let them report on important news like this in a timely fashion. Unfortunately I clicked through to read the comments and the honeymoon was over.

[Update] Not sure what I expected after seeing the carnage left in the aftermath of his drive that day. Speculative assertions of drug use in the finale still strike me as ill determined given the almost certain fact of head trauma resulting from this.


Full screen version

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