FP gripe, somewhat philosophical to maintain the theme day!

Not really a serious gripe, just pointing out something silly in recent FP posts.

Given recent sentiments about how rich owners/expensive cars somehow lack authenticity compared to more modest means of transportation.


I think it’s somewhat ironic considering how Jalopnik has shifted from talking about cheap autocrossers you could buy for a pack of chewing gum and cigarettes.


To reviewing the most exotic cars available. The most recent car reviews are.

Cadillac CTS-V Sport

Dinan tuned BMW M2

Honda Civic (Yay, chariot of the proletariat!)

Lexus LC 500 (described as a Japanese Aston Martin)

Lexus IS 200T

Porsche Panamera Hybrid

Toyota RAV4 (Yay a peoples car!)

Cadillac CT6 Platnium


I’m not going all

“Repent of your sins Jalopnik or I shall no longer grace you with my clicks!”

I just find the irony so thick you could cast a Chevy small block with it.

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