The comments on the FP post about the C7 Z06 convertible are about what you'd expect. The usual complaints about the automatic, the drop top, old guys driving 5 mph under the speed limit, where's the fixed roll bar for track days, etc.

Well let me just go on record and say: I will be buying a C7 Z06 convertible...someday.

I love convertibles. I had a Miata for 4 years. It was my only car. In Madison WI. I drove it year round, with Blizzaks in winter. I like the wind in my face. I like having no roof over me. It feels great. To me there are few greater pleasures than driving a car with no roof, to nowhere in particular.

Owning a Miata gives you a strong sense of not giving a fuck about people thinking your car is stupid/impractical/for hairdressers/for old guys/for gay guys. And like the NBA commercials say, using gay as an insult just ain't right. But it's the first direction idiot bros tend to go when looking to make fun of a Miata.


I also love performance cars, even if I mostly use that performance darting though traffic on my way to work, or heading out into the country on the weekend. I appreciate the occasional trip to the track, but for the most part I just like performance cars because they're fun.

So sign me up for a C7 Z06 convertible. Let the purists, the wannabe track rats, the trolls, and anyone else talk all the shit they feel like. I won't give a fuck. I'll be blowing the wind over my bald head with all 625 horsepower and laughing about it every second.

I'll probably get the manual though.