As I posted yesterday, I'm making an effort at winning the FP competition to design a track with the hopes of winning the grand prize, a pretty wicked sim setup. I posted my first draft yesterday, but after looking at it some more and listening to opponaut feedback, it was deemed to be a bit too hill-climbish/natural landscapey, with some of the chicanery (see what I did there?) taking away from the flow of the track.

So, I sat back down with my pencil, pen, and permanent marker (no photoshop at work, and in any case, for things like this, I'm a bit old school), and made some amendments. Most of the track is still the same, but I put a special emphasis on maintaining the flow of the track, especially on the back half. Added some Becketts/Suzuka/COTA-style esses where there once was a straightaway coming out of a series of weird little chicanes.


Feedback would be appreciated, really trying to nail this down.