With mild post comes mild responsibility.

My post yesterday about Fiat's Ad campaign turning into fire wood for protests was FP'd yesterday. I though I would have to deal with a bucket full of trolls, but only now I fished one.

FIAT didn't hire the band O Rappa, their agency hired a music production company that in turn called in O Rappa's lead singer Falçao to sing for the spot.

Did you even Google the news before writing? or were you to busy trying to score a place on the front page?


"Didn't hire the bad... their agency hired..." WTF? Of course Fiat didn't. But on that thought, it's easy to say he didn't post this, but the genetic waste of his mother and her yoga teacher posted this reply, not him.
Also, I said "O Rappa" because it's a band leaded by the singer of that song, so it's more easy to understand.

Anyway, should I bother to:
1) Dismiss?
2) Leave it to be approved?
3) Simply reply that "No, I didn't bother to Google. Next question?"
4) Reply that I didn't bother to Google because his mother was keeping me busy?

I know I shouldn't bother and that I'm sure the Jalopnik writers have to deal with waaay more serious stuff, but I just want an opinion.


Here, have some sideways porn:

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