Listen. Imo the engine isn't turned all the way up. Even then it isn't going to sound like a n/a V10. This is a turbo'd engine and it doesn't rev as high. So no matter what they do to the exhaust or rev limit, it is never going to sound as lovely as the V10. So I for one, am gonna quit complaining. I quite like the jet engine-spool down noise of the turbo under braking. Not to mention, the other aspects of F1 that I still find interesting enough to watch. Can it be better? No shit, of course it can.

In terms of pace, I'm surprised but not surprised by Red Bull. Everyone in testing said that the RB10 had incredible downforce and the engine was the main culprit. I was sure that in the gap of two weeks they could work around the overheating aspect with bodywork changes for the first few races to ensure they finish the races unless the power unit packs up. If it rains during the race, their superior downforce can help them get on the podium or even win, if other things don't interfere. Ferrari look there and thereabouts in terms of race pace but quali seems a straight out fight between Ros and Ham. Still think its their race to lose. My bet is on Rosberg to win if team orders don't get in the way.


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